Meditation Stream

Not Knowing.
Bearing Witness.
Taking Action.

These are the Three Tenets of Roshi Bernie Glassman’s peacemaking work. And they are very helpful to us as Witness Bearers in One World Bearing Witness. 

Bearing witness invites us to trust our humanity and the humanness of others. Our shared humanity is the key, and this sense of sharing One Humanity, one humanness, is part of what has been broken in our world.

To bear witness, we start by suspending the judgements and habits of the mind and feelings that create separation. We allow our selves to be touched, and to start a process within us. That process may include a lot of feelings – sadness, helplessness, fear, and anger – and we allow them to flow through us, staying with us for as long as they are present. We experience them from a place of not knowing: we neither dive into them nor do we push them away. We don’t think about what these feelings mean or why we feel them. We allow ourselves to be an instrument for these feelings and connections that have been blocked or dismissed in our busy and divided world. What you feel is not simply personal to you, but is part of our shared humanity.

Meditation Practice

Meditation practice is enormously helpful for developing the soul strength to bear witness. Meditation is a practice of not knowing. It is also a practice that develops our confidence in the goodness and perfection of Life itself. We learn to drop the conditioned and separate mind, and open up to the deeper and subtle truth of nonseparation. In a sense, it is – or can be – a cleansing practice.

We suggest that you engage in a simple, open meditation when you are participating in One World Bearing Witness. You simply:

Sit still.


Pay attention.

Let everything be. Let everything go.

Don’t hang on to anything or work over it with your mind. Trust that the deeper dimensions of your/our humanness will work through you.

Here is a 45-minute guided meditation by Elizabeth Debold that you might find helpful. She was asked to lead a meditation for the group One Meditation on the topic of “Perfection.” It’s a useful topic for Witness Bearers because, in the midst of taking in the realities of our divisions and the damage that we have caused to Earth, we can doubt that something different is possible. Realizing that perfection is mysteriously inherent to the messy life process can give us the space from which new creative inspiration can come.


The Meditation Stream

During One World Bearing Witness, you will receive different guidance and direction from the meditation leaders and the Ritual Holders. Listen to what is being offered from the depth of your Being, staying open and present. Again, let your self be touched and allow the responses to arise in your self without getting occupied with them or trying to push them away. We are all in this together.

We welcome you to meditate as much as you like. Your meditation helps all of us, because it contributes to creating a field of depth and aliveness between us. From this field of nonseparation, we can collectively hold more, bear witness more deeply, and allow new potentials for taking action to emerge among us.

How to Access the Meditation Stream

To access the Meditation Stream, simply click on this link, and you will be given instructions on how to enter One Meditation’s Zoom Meeting Room:

If you have never used Zoom,

you will be asked to download a tiny .exe program,

and then click as directed to enter the room.

In this Zoom meditation space, you will be visible on camera and your sound will be turned off. If you do not want to be seen, you can click the camera icon at the bottom left of the Zoom window and turn off the camera.

We will keep the sound off in this space, so that there is no disruption or noise.

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